Suspension fork assembly with bushings

of the 2100 HP Electric Diesel locomotive.

a) Functional characteristics

The suspension fork assembly is part of the secondary suspension of the locomotive bogie, with the role of taking over the tasks of the locomotive box (from the double springs in sheets) and transmitting them to the bogies, while keeping the ends of the double leaf springs at a constant distance.

b) Quality of materials

– suspension fork material: 34 CrNiMo6:
– bushing material: S 355

c) Heat treatments

– improvement for the suspension fork
– cementing / hardening / tempering for bushing.

d) Mechanical characteristics

– suspension fork
– hardness: 235-285 HB
– breaking strength: 80-995 daN / mm
– elongation at break: min 12%
– breaking energy: min 50 J.
– bushing
– hardness: 55-60 HRC
– thickness of the cemented section: 0.8-1.2 mm