1. Slack adjuster for wagons – type DRVA

Nr. Pos.TypeCode FK
1DRV 2AFK 145/A
2DRV 2A-H2FK 177
3DRV 2A-KFK 178/A
4DRV 2ATFK 200/A
5DRV 2AT-KFK 288/A
6DRV 3AFK 146/A

2. Slack adjuster for electric locomotives of 3400 KW and 5100 KW type RL 2;

3. Half-couplings FK7 / A type A (right -5 bar) and type B (left-10 bar);

4. Front air valve:
4.1 with roller handle and spring locking device – drawing D-6189 / ORI size I, version D (right);
4.2 with roller handle and spring locking device – drawing D-6190 / ORI size I, version S (left);

5.Distributor valves KE1c-SL:
5.1.Control chamber with automatic and fast discharge valve ALV 9A-FKE 49;
5.2.FKE 51 / C combined main valve;
5.3.Pressure transformer FKE 52/A;
5.4.Insulation valve with FKE 53 / A power supply;
5.5.FKE  54/A freight-passenger exchanger valve;

6. Distributor valves KE2c-SL; KE2c Al-SL, KE0

7. Pressure transformer FKE 57

8. Anti-skid regulator type M2 (FKE 66);

9. Axle-box brake pressure regulator type AR 11 (FKE 67);

10.Control Units KES;

11.Pressure transformer DU 15;

12.LW40 and V55 safety valves;

13.Automatic driver’s brake valve KD2;

14.Automatic driver’s brake valveST60;

15.Control valve V5;

16.Air tanks;

17.12 ”, 14” and 16 ”brake cylinders;

18.Taps and valves in the pneumatic installation.