Slack adjuster type RL2-350

A. General Data
– it is a critical railway product;
– it has technical type-approval according to OMT 290/2000;
– Railway Technical Type-Approval Certificate series OT no. 092/2017;
– reference document Technical Specification no. 52/2015 “Brake regulator type RL2-350” approved by SNTFM “CFR Marfa” SA and AFER;

B. Range of use
– brake rod system of electric locomotives of 5100KW and 3400KW;
– at a maximum load of 10000 daN

C. Technical specifications
– nominal working range: 350 mm;
– weight: 29 kg.

D. Functional characteristics
a) it automatically restores the clearances between the brake blocks and the wheels to the set value when they increase;
b) it allows stroke movements by screwing.

E. Constructive types: symbolization // product code
RL2-350 drawing code BL106-67.