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About us

S.C. FEROM S.R.L. was established on the 7th of June 2002 and operates as a private company with only Romanian capital. Our main field of expertise is the manufacturing and repair of rolling stock, code CAEN 610. S.C. FEROM S.R.L. is certified by the Romanian Railway Authority for having and maintaining a SR IN ISO 9001/2001 quality system.

The company’s main fields of activity are a special and important niche in the Romania industry market. The basis of all our achievements is our team which is comprised of excellent specialists from the fields of railway braking technology and special electric machinery (including systems). We always try to combine the vast experience that our specialists have with the energy and enthusiasm of our younger employees. The Romanian school of rolling stock engineering with its tradition, achievements and performances is an example and at the same time an impetus for us.

Our main clients are rail operators and builders/maintainers of rolling stock. The special electric machinery is mainly for external markets. The main clients for our safety elements are companies in the fields of electricity production and natural gas distribution.

We are very proud that our products and services have contributed and will do so in the future, to the success of other companies. The quality, safety and honesty of our services and products guarantee our future.


Dr. Ing. Viorel Simut

General Manager